There are many factors that come into play for real estate agents when they are working to sell a home. Everything from the price to how recently the home was updated can influence a buyer’s decision to go through with the sale. If you are looking to sell your home, there are numerous things you can do to make it more appealing on the market. Real estate agents can help cover your bases, but it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on the subject so that you can start implementing changes. Below is a list of factors that can help you sell your home quicker and easier.

1. Curb Appeal

The first impression people will have of the house you are trying to sell will be from the outside. Curb appeal is how the home looks from the street and a recent survey found that real state agents listed it as one of five most crucial factors in selling a home. When the outside is well cared for, it can help to draw more potential buyers. After all, first impressions are everything.

2. Location

While you can’t change the location of your home, you can advertise the good things about the neighborhood you live in. Is the house close to a good school or within walking distance from fun downtown activities? Maybe it’s a particularly safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. Your realtor can help you relay these important factors to people who are interested in your home.

3. Updated Appliances

People love an updated home. It means less imminent problems for the buyer and often a more appealing look. A kitchen with updated appliances will look cleaner while offering a longer life before breaking down. A move-in ready home can be a huge draw in a fluctuating real estate market.

4. A Finished Basement

A properly finished basement offers an entire extra floor in your home. Potential buyers can use this space as an office, a bedroom, or even a small apartment. Having a finished basement that is in good condition can raise the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers.

5. A Homey Feeling

Making people feel at home when they come to a showing can really help drive a sale. Keeping the house clean and decorating it to look more homey can give those who come to see it an idea of what their life could be like living there. If they are met with cleanliness and warmth, the house will feel more like a home to them.

Knoxville real estate agents can help you in the process of implementing these changes so that you can sell your home with ease. It might seem overwhelming to think about on your own, but the help of the right realtor you allow you to rest easy while you move on to the next chapter of your life.