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If you think that buying a home can be a nervewracking process, most realtors would agree that selling one can be even more taxing. The number of factors to keep track of during the selling process can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel like new things pop up every day that you never had to think of before it came time to put your home on the market.

Fear not. We’re here to make both sides of the process as painless as humanly possible. Today, however, we’re going to turn our focus to selling your home. In a survey conducted by Zillow, real estate agents named curb appeal as one of the top five most important factors in selling a home. That said, there are some curb appeal hacks that won’t have you shelling out thousands of dollars. Let’s look at a few options that’ll keep your wallet full while making your house turn heads.

People Dig Symmetry

Whether it’s pathways leading up to your front door or framing that door with something to guide people to it, good symmetry is naturally attractive. Like walking down a runway, a well-marked path toward your home ushers people forward to the entrance. When that entrance is framed symmetrically as well, it promotes a balanced direction to bring potential buyers right into your home’s embrace.


Some people flinch at the prospect of landscaping projects to boost curb appeal, but landscaping doesn’t have to involve major work. Instead, opt for simple, elegant options. Beautiful, low-maintenance flowers and shrubbery in the front of your home will gather attention without requiring much maintenance. We’re not saying install fountain sculptures, just a little growth and color to draw gazes from nature to the house it ensconces.

Freshen Things Up A Bit

Don’t hide your front door. Whether that means giving it a new paint job or adding some eye-popping decorative features, make sure people know where it is. When’s the last time you paid attention to the paint on your house? A pressure washer and a few hours of blasting impurities off your siding will make things sparkle again. Oh, and few things set the tone like a cute, witty, quirky welcome mat.

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