One of the most important people involved is the realtor you choose to represent you. Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t hire the first realtor you find. When you’re looking for Knoxville real estate agents who get the job done right, here are eight questions you should ask before hiring.

1. Ask for References

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask a realtor for the names and contact information of their recent clients. Ask to speak with the seller in these recent deals. And be sure you actually contact these people! First-hand reviews from people who have actually had their homes sold with that realtor will go a long way in helping you decide between one real estate agent and another.

2. Ask How Often You Should Expect to Hear From Them

No matter how good a realtor’s track record is, you should probably avoid them if they seem to be juggling too many clients at the same time. Ask the realtor how much interaction you should expect to have with them and if they have someone to operate on their behalf if they’re unavailable. You should also ask about how you’ll be kept in-the-know regarding offers and showings. Basically, try to find a realtor who can give you lots of attention — you’re paying them, and you deserve it!

3. Ask About the Contract

This step is of critical importance. Before signing anything, you must ask the realtor about the ins and outs of the contract. This should include exactly how long the contract would last (typically between three and six months in warm markets), how much you’ll be paying for the listing fee, and what other specific clauses you should be expected to honor throughout the buying and selling process.

4. Ask How About the Price Your Home

It’s only natural to ask the agent what their estimate for your home’s value would be. One mistake sellers make, however, is forgetting to ask how they came to this conclusion. In response, they should be able to give you solid comparable, as well as other data on your local house market. If they throws out a number that’s way, way higher than the average for a home like yours, be wary of them — false claims are just one way a bad realtor is looking to get your business. When you find out the actual price of your home, you might get burned by the realtor in the end.

5. Ask About the Target Market

If the realtor is worth their salt, they should be able to tell you exactly who your home’s next owner should be. In addition to this, they should be able to tell you exactly what they will do to reach those people. This includes how you should present your home for showings in a way that will address their needs and preferences.

6. Ask About Their Past Three Sales

Hearing a realtor’s stories from their own mouth will tell you a lot about how they deal with clients and how seriously they take their job. If they complain about past clients, make excuses for poor sales, or didn’t make a sale at all for the past two years, you should probably avoid this realtor.

7. Ask About Marketing Tool

While it’s important that a realtor knows about all the newest, techie ways to sell a home, they should also clearly know exactly which methods work best for your area. Sometimes a local publication is actually more effective than the hottest real estate website. Your realtor should be able to tell you.

8. Ask About Recent Market Changes

Many people ask real estate agents they’re considering how many years they’ve been in business. That question might not always be helpful, however, as it doesn’t necessarily tell you how hard they’ve been working in the years they’ve been in business. Instead, you should ask him how the market has changed over the course of the last five years. This will show you whether or not he’s kept up with trends and changes in the industry.

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