By far, one of the most important financial decisions in anyone’s life is the buying or selling of a house. If it’s your first time going through this process, it can be incredibly stressful or overwhelming. You want everything to be perfect, after all. You’re looking to settle down in your forever home.

If You’re Buying What They’re Selling

Here are some factors to consider before looking for real estate agents to help you find your perfect home:

  • Make sure you have a detailed budget that’s comfortable and realistic for your means.
  • Location, location, location. Asking yourself where you want to live might sound simple enough, but the details are a bit more specific than that. Is there a particular neighborhood you’d prefer to live in? Do you need to live near your workplace, your children’s school, or a community park?
  • Check realtors’ credentials before committing to any services. You want to make sure that whoever you hire is verified, reliable, and trustworthy. Zillow is a superior resource for searching for agents and reading reviews of their services.
  • Beware of lofty promises that sound too good to be true. Realtors should be able to prove their knowledge of the housing market and how that influences their determination of prices.

If You’re Selling What They’re Buying

Before you put your house on the market, there are a few things to think about. Keep these considerations in mind if you’re planning on selling your home:

  • Do your research when it comes to choosing the listing price. Take into account a market analysis of homes that have recently been sold, especially of homes with the same or similar size, location, and general condition to the one you’ll be selling.
  • Spruce up the place. Curb appeal is one of the five most important elements involved in selling a house, so you want to make sure the outside of your house shines.
  • Make sure your realtor has a concrete marketing plan for selling your house. These plans often involve signs, professional photos and staging of the home, and an active social media presence for optimal digital engagement.

Set the Stage

The adage that first impressions matter is well-known for a reason. If you’re staging your house to sell it, you want to present the space in the most appealing way possible. If you’re planning to do most or all of the home staging yourself, be prepared to Marie Kondo that business. This means decluttering, putting your family heirlooms in storage, and a deep, deep clean of the kitchen that you’ve been putting off for ages.

Most real estate agents will also recommend brightening your rooms with additional lighting fixtures or pulling open your curtains to let in plenty of natural light.

If you can’t wait to finally hang that “Home Sweet Home” plaque in the hallway of your brand new house, don’t let the stress of the process distract you from that goal. Let a team of trusted Knoxville real estate agents work with you to make that dream a “realty.”